Aiming for perfection.

Tecco is a Latvian enterprise specialized in development of high-loaded online services and corporate web solutions.

We help small and medium-sized businesses to develop in the information space, being a reliable partner both at the development stage and during the support and enhancement stages.

  • Aiming for perfectionAiming for perfection

    Sometimes we are too merciless on ourselves during work on the final result, but exactly these high internal standards polish up the team's professional skills and allow to develop a modern, high-quality product.

  • PeoplePeople

    We value people. Behind every line of code, layout or idea there is always a team of professionals and simply awesome people joined by one idea.

  • PossibilitiesPossibilities

    Besides a resource-intensive constituent we are concentrated on projects that open new possibilities for acquaintance with new business fields, business models, application of new technologies, acquisition of new knowledge and experience.

  • Overall goalOverall goal

    It is important for us to take part in projects aimed at solutions of topical issues of the end users, therefore Tecco works on projects in the field of healthcare, education, tourism, media and other areas, both as a developer and business-partner.

Quote background

We realize the importance of our role, understanding that with every line of code, pixel and carefully thought out scenario of the resource use, we improve the quality of life of internet users.


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